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2017 PDA Europe Microbiology Conference

14-15 February  | Conference, Exhibition

16-17 February  | Education Program

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PDA Europe Microbiology Conference
Conference | Porto, Portugal
14-15 February - Pharm. Microbiology

This conference will introduce two new session formats, specially designed  to provide even more opportunity for addressing key issues:

PDA Challenge Summit - Two Speakers team up to present an industry challenge and their jointly developed solutions.

PDA Interactive - delegates engage with industry experts in controversial topics of interest.

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2017 PDA Europe Training Course Root Cause
Training Course | Porto, Portugal
16-17 February -  Root Cause Investigation
This course is an informative, practical, and engaging two-day event teaching a systematic, science based, and proven methodology ideal for investigating any performance change.
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2017 PDA Europe Training Course RMM
Training Course | Porto, Portugal
16-17 February -  RMM

This course will provide an intensive review of currently available rapid microbiological method (RMM) technologies, validation strategies, applications, regulatory expectations, financial justification models and implementation plans. The course will be conducted by Dr. Michael Miller, one of the most known and respected industry leaders in the field of Microbiology.

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 Recommended Lecture:

Risk Assessment and Management for Healthcare Manufacturing: Practical Tips and Case Studies

by Tim Sandle, PhD

Tim Sandle's newest book incorporates regulatory perspectives, scientific methods and practical examples to describe approaches to problem solving when assessing, managing and reviewing risk. Order your copy online!
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