The analytical tests present inside the 6.6. Supplement of European Pharmacopeia


2.2.31 Electrophoresis
2.2.42 Density of solids
2.2.47 Capillary electrophoresis
2.2.54 Isoelectric focusing
2.2.55 Peptide focusing
2.2.56 Amino acid analysis
2.4.29 Composition of fatty oils rich in omega-3 acids
2.6.14 Bacterial endotoxins
2.6.17 Test or anti-complimentary activity of immunoglobulin
2.9.3. Dissolution test for solid dosage forms
2.9.7. Friability of uncoated tablets
2.9.37 Optical microscopy
2.3.2. Identification of fatty oils by thin-layer chromatography
2.4.22 Composition of fatty acids by gas chromatography
5.1.3. Efficacy of anti-microbial preservation