Per il biologo cellulare

Platform: iPAD. Cost: Free

3D Cell stain (Molecular probes)

This “app” consists of two features: an interactive (rotatable and zoomable) animated 3-D cell, as well as an interface to apply cell structure-specific stains to an image of an actual cell.


Per l’istologo

Platform: Android Phone. Cost: Free

Histology Atlas. (developer: Saverio Cantatore)

This Atlas is not limited to the humans, but for any species.


Per il biochimico

Platform: iPAD. Cost: Free

iPathways. The Systems Biology Institute.

This platform is useful to have an enormous collection of biochemical and cell-signaling pathways at your fingertips.


Per il medico

Platform: Android Phone. Cost: Free

Nerve Whiz (University of Michigan).

A complete nerve-ous breakdown for the medical students about neurology.


Per il chimico e per l’insegnante di chimica

Platform: iPAD. Cost: Free

The elementals (Simone Madine)

It is a very simple, whimsical and useful periodic table of the elements with animated representation.


Per il life science scientist

Platform: Android phone. Cost; Free

Promega (Promega)

This app is very useful for science practice and theory. There are 3 sections: protocols and applications, videos, biomath calculators.