For the botanist

The compositae Genome Project. The database provides sequence information, photos, and generic maps for a number of species, while the “bio-informatic tools” page provides links to various genomics tools. 


For the physician

This website provides a compilation of free medical-imaging applications and resources, including Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) viewers, DICOM converters an Picture Archiving.


For the micologist

The Bay Area Mycological Society is dedicated to “the art and science of mushrooms”. The “mushroom of the month” profiles different species. The “poisonings” page offer useful and potential life-saving information.


For  the animal biologist

The tardigrades (also known as water bears) comprise a phylum of animals that includes over 700 different species. Dr Goldstein plans to use the Hypsibius dujardini as a model to study the effects of developmental alterations on the evolution of morphology.


For the histologist

This web of the University of Delaware puts together a large number of histological samples in all of their colorful brilliance. The Power Point presentation for each lecture are posted on the site.


For the virologist

“Wong’s Virology” is a web site full of information about viruses and provides excellent summaries of virus information in an easy to access fashion. Derek Wong, a medical virologist in Hong Kong, worked in the lab that discovered the first-ever human avian influenza infection (H5N1).


For the scientist

With 40,000,000 scanned pages under its belt, It is a price free indexing tool and a no-brainer for creating site-specific search functions.


For the Hygienist

Useful information about food-borne diseases can be found in these two U.K. webs.


For the virologist

To subscribe online (free) at “Emerging Infectious Diseases”.


For the laboratorist

InterAmerican Acccreditation Cooperation.


For the medical doctor

Documentation and references about recent expected pandemia.


For the microscopist

Light Microscopy. Nature Milestone.