Calibration procedures and guidelines IEST -rp-cc013

The Recommended Practice (RP), covers procedures for calibrating and verifying equipment used in characterizing clean rooms and for determining intervals of calibration. The RP includes general procedures for calibrating photometers, aerosol generators, and anemometers. Where available, references for calibrating other instruments are provided. In addition to photometers, aerosol generators, and anemometers, which were discussed in the previous edition of the RP, the new revision includes procedures for calibrating the following equipment:

• airflow capture hoods

• temperature measurement systems and devices

• pressure and vacuum gauges

• polymicrosphere (PSL) generators

• aerosol diluters

• condensation nuclei counters

Calibration Procedures and Guidelines for Select Equipment Used in Testing Cleanrooms and Other

Controlled Environments was prepared by Working Group 013 of the IEST Contamination Control Division (WG-CC013). IEST – Institute of Environmental Science