European Commission. Health and Consumers

In the White Paper on Food Safety the Commission outlined a radical revision of the Community’s food safety hygiene rules, under which food operators right through the food chain will bear primary responsibility for food safety. The new regulations merge, harmonise and simplify detailed and complex hygiene requirements previously contained in a number of Council Directives covering the hygiene of foodstuffs and the production and placing on the market of products of animal origin. They innovate in making a single, transparent hygiene policy applicable to all food and all food operators right through the food chain “from the farm to the fork”, together with effective instruments to manage food safety and any future food crises throughout the food chain.

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In order to explain to everyone concerned the new approach taken on the hygiene of foodstuffs since 1/1/2006, we have published an on-line magazine ” FOOD Hygiene & Safety” that explains and documents the new rules.

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