I metodi analitici adottati dai laboratori europei delle Dogane

Action 1 of the Group of European Customs Laboratories:

ILIADe, Inter Laboratory Inventory of Analytical Determination CLEN logo

Database of analytical methods

ILIADe is a shared directory of the analytical methods initially developed by the Italian Customs Agency and currently hosted by the European Commission. Its main purpose is to improve the effectiveness of Customs Laboratories by providing them with an easily accessible and up-to-date compilation of analytical methods they are required to use for Customs purposes, as well as for authenticity and quality controls, consumer health protection and environmental controls. The database contains official analytical methods, international standards and in-house developed methods.

ILIADe is accessible to the Customs Laboratories from the Member States and the list of methods and contacts is also available on special request to third countries. An inquiry function, with several fields available, provides the possibility of searching for an analytical method.

The ILIADe database content is discussed and validated by a dedicated working group.

Links exist between the different actions led by the Customs Laboratories European Network, for example, Action 2 activities (Inter-comparisons and method validations studies) often result in validated methods that will be included in the ILIADe database later.

Screenshot of the Search for Methods screen: