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We are happy to present the digital edition of the April 2015 issue of Lab Manager:
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A few highlights from the issue:

Science and Sustainability: Labs consume about four to ten times more energy, water, and other materials than do offices and classrooms. However, there are ways to reduce that consumption. Page 10

Business Management – The Procurement Process: Lab managers who must cut costs while procuring high-quality and low-risk equipment and maintenance services use the procurement process to set the parameters of quality and risk. Page 18

Leadership and Staffing – Millennials in the Lab: With their technological savvy, millennials could be considered the perfect fit for the laboratory. Two lab managers share their thoughts on the pros and cons of hiring millennials. Page 24

Lab Safety – LEED®ing the Way: Learn a comprehensive strategy for optimizing indoor environmental quality and minimizing potential problems from poor indoor air quality. Page 40

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