Tabelle di Conversione
To Convert  Into  Multiply by To Convert  Into  Multiply by
 °F  °C  0.556°C -17.8 mils microns 25.4
 °C  °F  1.8°C +32 mils milliliters 0.0254
 °C  °K  1.0°C +273 inches mils 1000
                                                                 inches  centimeters   2.54
   feet  meters   0.3048
   miles  feet  5280
   yards  feet  3


To Convert  Into  Multiply by To Convert  Into  Multiply by
sq inches  sq centimeters 6.5 teaspoons milliliters 25.4
sq feet  sq meters 0.09 tablespoons milliliters 0.0254
sq yards sq meters 0.8 fluid ounces milliliters 1000
 sq miles  sq kilometers 2.6  quarts  liters  2.54
 acres  hectares 0.4  gallons  liters  0.3048
                                                                 cubic feet  cubic meters  5280
   cubic yards   cubic meters  3


Universal Gas Constant   R=0.0821 (Atm) (1)/(°K) (mole)
Acceleration Due to Gravity  g=32.17ft/sec2, 9.8/sec2
Avogadro’s Constant  N=6.023 x 1023 molecules/mole
Speed of Light  c=186,000 miles/sec, 3×1010 cm/sec
Heat of Fusion  Hf=79.7 cal/g
Heat of Vaporization  Hv=540 cal/g
Volume of Perfect Gas  22.4L at 0°C, 760 torr
Faraday’s Constant  F=96.494 coulombs/equiv. weight
 Planck’s Constant  h=6.626 x 10-27 erg/sec
Bragg’s Law  
Absolute Zero   -273.15 °C
Temperature of Liquid Nitrogen  - 195.8°C

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