The CDC Handbook: A Guide to Cleaning and Disinfecting Cleanrooms

Schermata 2016-12-12 alle 14.12.56The Cleaning and Disinfection handbook is aimed at those working within the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors around the world, as well as providing valuable information for students and for the general reader.

The book provides comprehensive detail on different types of disinfectants and their modes of action; explains the problems of microbial destruction and resistance; introduces cleaning techniques and the latest safety regulations; expounds upon the application of cleaning within healthcare and pharmaceutical environments, noting current national and international standards. The book also provides guidance on disinfectant efficacy testing.

Assembled by expert practitioners, the book balances theoretical concepts with sound practical advice, and is likely to become the definitive text on keeping contamination in control within clean areas and controlled environments. With this second edition, the book is fully updated in line with the latest standards and regulations. 

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