Vaccines 2015


Courtyard by Marriott Berlin City Center

While some view vaccines as a long established, traditional class of biologics, the arena of vaccinology provides some of the more exciting opportunities to bring forward new treatments, and to prevent a host of diseases that continue to cause public health concern. The 2015 PDA Vaccine Conference will provide a forum for discussion of many important topics in vaccine development and manufacturing, and related regulatory concerns as they relate to meeting the global demand for vaccines to prevent current and emerging infectious diseases.Vaccine stakeholders face the challenge of creating an environment that can accelerate the development, licensure, and availability of novel vaccine candidates for emerging epidemics and chronic infectious diseases. Advances in science and technology are giving rise to research and development for a wide array of new vaccines.  In addition, innovative manufacturing approaches are being applied in the production of these products. This is especially true for vaccines to address needs in developing countries and other international markets.

Over a span of two days, the 2015 PDA Vaccines Conference will examine the technical and regulatory challenges currently facing the vaccine industry and national regulatory authorities to facilitate the availability of these products to the global patient population. Participants will gain useful information about the current challenges facing the vaccines industry from renowned experts representing industry, regulatory and non-governmental organizations.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this conference, participants will be able to:

  • Identify emerging trends in vaccine manufacturing and development
  • Explain why vaccines represent a unique manufacturing challenge
  • Discuss the development and regulatory science of vaccines
  • Define in better detail the expectations for vaccine development using novel adjuvants

Who Should Attend

Anyone involved in the manufacture and testing of vaccines for preventive and therapeutic purposes should attend this conference.

Specifically, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical professionals with the following responsibilities are encouraged to participate: Development | Manufacturing | Preclinical | Quality Assurance | Quality Control | Regulatory | Operations