How should the operator work inside a Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) and Unidirectional Air Flow Cabinet (UAC)

The operator should apply the Good Aseptic Practice (GAP).

1. Be sure the operator read the Instruction Manual of the cabinet and understand the Panel Instructions

2. Switch on the BSC / UAC 5/15 minutes before to start the activity

3. Check that all functions of the BSC /UAC are regular

4. Dress the clean overall with button on the back

5. Dress sterile gloves, covering the wrists

6. Wipe all inside surfaces of the BSC / UAC with suitable disinfectant (e.g.: sterile 70% alcohol)

7. Wipe all material with sterile 70% alcohol before transfer it inside the bench and before to start the activity

8. Avoid creating air turbulence by fast movement of the arms

9. Avoid speaking, sneezing, and coughing

10. Never move or work over open bottles, flasks, dishes, plates

11. Never block air flow through the ventilation holes

12. No unnecessary equipment and material in the clean working bench area

13. Three separate areas inside the working bench: right “clean”, centre “working”, left “dirty”

14. Immediately remove spilled liquids in the clean bench

15. Sterilize by autoclaving the working surfaces, when necessary

16. Clean and disinfect all the surface of the inside BSC at the end of activity

17. Leave the BSC / UAC on for 15 minutes at the end of activity

18. A regular technical check-up of the BSC should be performed annually.