AROUND LAB NEWS is a communication channel dedicated to Laboratory Managers, Technical Analysts, Hygienists, people in Quality Control and Quality Assurance, Consultants working in the chemical, physical, microbiological, medical, biotech and environmental laboratories.

Our goal is to upgrade the analytical laboratories, research and development of pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, biotechnology, agro-food, dairy and hospital organizations, Universities, Environment, Clean Room.

The themes of our education activity include:

- Food

- Environment

- Health and Wellness

- Good Laboratory Practice

- Chemistry

- Clean Room

- Life Sciences

- Tissue Cultures

- Cryogenics

- Pharmaceuticals – Glossaries

- Hygiene

- English Language

– Italian Language

- Analytical Methods

- Microbiology

- Standard Operating Procedures

- Seminars

- Useful Website and Apps

- Safety in the laboratory

- Sterilization

- Technical Tables