Tesla’s New Car Can Protect You from Biological Warfare

I’m not really a car person. Bluetooth, leather seats and body-colored door handles are all I require (and yes, I know the body-colored door handles obsession is quirky.)

But, Elon Musk’s new Tesla Model X is the car that may turn me into a car person. Yes it’s pretty and futuristic and has doors that open DeLorean style—but that’s not it. The coolest feature of the new Model X is its “biodefense mode.”

Yes, you read that correctly. The Model X has a bioweapon defense button that turns the car into a safe haven in the event of a biological attack. Kind of like the 2015 version of a Cold War bomb shelter.

Now, before you dismiss this as totally unnecessary, over-the-top and ridiculous, hear me out.

The biodefense mode comes from the car’s air filtration system, which features a medical-grade HEPA filter that strips outside air of pollen, bacteria, viruses and pollution before recirculating it into the cabin. According to the company, the Model X is 300x better at filtering bacteria, 500x better at filtering allergens, 700x better at filtering smog and 800x better at filtering viruses. Once the biodefense button is initiated, the car’s air filter—which is about 10 times larger than a standard car’s filter—creates positive pressure inside the cabin to protect its occupants.

According to multiple news outlets, when introducing the feature, Musk said “we’re trying to be a leader in apocalyptic defense scenarios

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