THE FATHERS OF THE SCIENCE John Robin Warren (1937)

John Robin Warren (1937)

He is an Australian pathologist, Nobel Laureate and researcher who is credited with the 1979 re-discovery of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori.

He received his MBBS degree from the University of Adelaide, having completed his high school education at St Peter’s College, Adelaide.

In 1967 he was admitted into the Royal College of Pathologists of Australia and became a senior pathologist at the Royal Perth Hospital where he spent the majority of his career.

At the University of Western Australia with his colleague Barry J. Marshall, Warren proved that the bacterium is the cause of stomach ulcers.

Warren helped develop a convenient diagnostic test (14C-urea breath-test) for detecting H. pylori in ulcer patients.

In 2005, Warren and Marshall were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine.